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PHP 4.0.4 Released

[19-Dec-2000]This release includes improvements for a large number of defectsand numerous enhancements in the PHP core, the language implementation andextensions. Download,ChangeLog.

PHP 3.0.18 released

[21-Oct-2000]PHP 3.0.18 was released. This is a bug-fix release, including fixes for fileuploads and a backported imagetypes() function from PHP 4.0. The ChangeLogcontains a full list of changes.

Patch Level 1 available for PHP 4.0.3

[15-Oct-2000]Due to two problems discovered in PHP 4.0.3, PHP 4.0.3pl1is now available. This release fixes an issue that prevented theApache php_value mechanism from working correctly with .conf files, and amemory leak that was discovered in the module versions of PHP.

PHP 4.0.3 Released

[11-Oct-2000]Version 4.0.3 includes several security-orientedfixes and enhancements, as well as several new features and bug fixes.It is strongly recommended for all users of PHP to upgrade to this version.You can read the changelog here.

Manual Search Tip

[06-Oct-2000]You can now go directly to PHP manual pages with a URL such

PHP 4.0.2 Released!

[29-Aug-2000]The new version features new functions, many bug fixes, and increasedperformance. Download now! You can read thechangelog here.

PHP 4.0.1 Patch Level 2 available

[30-June-2000]PHP 4.0.1pl2 addresses two bugs that werediscovered in PHP 4.0.1, that prevent error_reporting() and readdir()from working properly.

PHP 4.0.1 Released!

[28-June-2000]The first maintenance release for PHP 4.0 is out. The new release featuresincreased stability under Windows, improved error handling, several new featuresand lots of bug fixes. (the full list of changes isavailable) It's a recommended upgradefor all PHP users. Download now!

PHP 4.0.0 Released!

[22-May-2000]It's here, it's ready, and it has the long awaited 'Release' tag. The successor ofPHP 3.0 has finally been released. At this point, everyone is encouraged to beginupgrading their systems to use this version. Download itnow!

PHP 3.0.16 released

[05-Apr-2000]PHP 3.0.16 was released. This is mostly a bug fix release which adds support forgd-1.8, ucd-snmp 4.1, and high-resolution timers on OS/2. OpenBSD support has beenimproved considerably. The source package and Win32 binaries are available from thePHP homepage. The ChangeLog contains a full list of changes.

Zend Optimizer released!

[08-Mar-2000]Zend Technologies has announced theavailability of the Zend Optimizer for PHP 4.0 Beta 4. The optimizer isavailable for freedownload

PHP Talks at ApacheCon

[24-Feb-2000]Nathan Wallace, Craig Kohtz and Tobias Ratschiller are all givingpresentations on PHP at ApacheCon, 8-10th March 2000, in Orlando,Florida. The topics include sessions and authentication, advanced PHPtechniques, migrating from ASP to PHP and web design patterns. You canfind more information about these talks here.

PHP Developers' Meeting

[17-Jan-2000]On January 20th, 2000 the primary developers of PHP are meeting for a4-day session in Tel Aviv, Israel. The main goal is to organize thedevelopment effort. The developers of MySQL will also be in attendanceto explore how the two projects can cooperate further to make thePHP/MySQL combination even stronger than it already is.

PHP 3.0.13 has been released

[01-Jan-2000]The long-awaited release of PHP 3.0 contains numerous bug fixes and abonus of new features. Support for GNU recode, portable access to stdiostreams, enhanced FTP support, support for Mcal and IMSP, as well as PNGfunctions for gd make this release a must for every user of PHP. TheChangeLog provides a complete list of changes.

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