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PHP 4.1.0 Released!

[10-Dec-2001]PHP 4.1.0 is a key new release in the PHP 4 family. It includeshighly-improved performance, especially under Windows; a more security-friendlyway of accepting form variables; output compression; and much, much more. Read the fullrelease announcement, or check out thechangelog. Windows binaries are also available.

Windows Manual Survey Results

[27-Nov-2001]After one week our Windows HTML Help Manual Survey is over now. We received nearly six hundredprocessable forms with many wishes and comments. Thanks for you all, who contributed to makingthe best help system for PHP on Windows. You can get more information about the ongoingproject, including the detailed results of the survey at the project's own page.

PHP-GTK Documentation Update

[18-Oct-2001]PHP-GTK documentation is startingto be more filled out. The manual is now rebuilt every night anddownloadable versions of it in different formats are also available. If you have been working withPHP-GTK and would like to contribute to the documentation effort, pleaselet us know.


Rackspace providing additional hosting for PHP project

[17-Sep-2001]Thanks to the generous folks at Rackspace, we have added additionalcapacity for hosting the PHP project's efforts. Currently, the machine theyhave provided is serving downloads for and We willcontinue to re-balance our resource needs across all of the machines providedby our supporters.


[11-Sep-2001]The worldwide PHP community is horrified by recent events and would like tooffer its deepest sympathies to the friends and families of those who losttheir lives. Support theRed Cross.

Manual notes are mirrored worldwide

[28-Aug-2001]There is no need now to come to the main server, if you would liketo read the manual notes, as they are mirrored worldwide, and you can readthem on all our mirror sites. You can get better response times by visitingthe closest mirror. See the bottom of our pages.

International PHP Conference 2001

International PHP Conference in Frankfurt (November 5-7, 2001)

[17-Aug-2001]PHP enthusiasts from all over the world will meet three days to attendpowerworkshops and sessions presented by the inventors of PHP, membersof the core group and other well known people from the community.More information at


PHP-GTK version 0.1 released

[02-Aug-2001]The 0.1 release of PHP-GTK is now available. PHP-GTK is a PHP extension thatprovides an object-oriented interface to GTK+ toolkit and enables you towrite client-side cross-platform GUI applications. Win32 binary version shouldbe available a little later.

Note that this version requires PHP CVS version to compile, but it can be rununder 4.0.5 and later.

A talk on PHP-GTK was presented by Andrei Zmievski and Frank Kromann at the 2001O'Reilly Open Source Conference in San Diego. The slides from the talk can beviewed online.For more information, visit the PHP-GTK website.

PHP Conference

[29-Jul-2001]The first official PHP Conference, part of theO'Reilly Open Source Convention,brought the community together forsessionsand tutorialsdesigned to explore and strengthen PHP inthe open source space. The conferencewas at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marinain San Diego, California between July 23-27, 2001.Some presentations, you can see online:

You can also download some papers from theO'Reilly FTP site

Integrated FAQ in the PHP Manual

[29-Jul-2001]You don't need to go online anymore, to access the PHP FAQ,because we integrated it for you in the PHP Manual, so you candownload it invarious formats with the Manual packages, andannotatethe pages online, as you wish.


LinuxTag 2001 in Europe is over

[09-Jul-2001]LinuxTag 2001took place in Stuttgart, Germany, between July 5th-8th. PHPUG.De hasa report on the PHP events at LinuxTag.

pair Networks

Mailing lists and CVS are up!

[1-Jul-2001]The disturbances in the mailing lists and CVS services that happened in the lastfew weeks are now gone, hopefully for good. This is thanks to a brand new server donatedby pair Networks. Thanks!

PHP 4.0.6 Released!

[23-Jun-2001]PHP 4.0.6 is a maintenance release, that featuresmany bug fixes from PHP 4.0.5, and is especially much more efficient in itsmemory requirements. Users that skipped the 4.0.5 upgrade may wish to jumpdirectly from 4.0.4 to the much more stable 4.0.6. For a full list of changes,check out the Change Log.

PHP International Conference 2001

PHP conventions in Europe

[14-Jun-2001]The second International PHP Conference, taking place in Frankfurt, Germanythis coming November has been announced. Further details are available on theofficial Web site.

Also coming between July 5th-8th - LinuxTag 2001,in Stuttgart, Germany, withstrong PHP presence.

PHP Conference

[01-May-2001]The first official PHP Conference, part of the O'Reilly Open SourceConvention, will bring the community together forsessionsand tutorialsdesigned to explore and strengthen PHP in the open source space. Takea look under the hood at everything PHP — from understanding PHPon wireless devices to participating in a discussion on the future ofPHP featuring some of the core developers and luminaries from the PHPcommunity. The conference runs July 23-27, 2001, at the Sheraton SanDiego Hotel and Marina in San Diego, California.

PHP 4.0.5 Released!

[30-Apr-2001]PHP 4.0.5 is a maintenance release, thatfeatures many bug fixes from PHP 4.0.4, as well as output compression, newexperimental FastCGI support, and significantly improved thread-safe versions.For a full list of changes, check out the ChangeLog.

ApacheCon 2001 Over

[11-Apr-2001]You may have missed the conference, but you can see some of thepresentations online. Check out:

ApacheCon 2001

[07-Mar-2001]Registration for ApacheCon 2001in Santa Clara on April 4-6, 2001 is underway! There's sessions about PHP fromLuis Argerich, Thies Arntzen, Stig Bakken, Daniel Beckham, Tony Bryne, RasmusLerdorf, Brian Moon, Zeev Suraski and Nathan Wallace, as well as tons ofsessions on other cool open-source projects. Early registrationends March 9, so act fast for discounted prices!

New Site Design

[07-Mar-2001]You might notice that things look a little different aroundhere. We've streamlined the site, with a new design from theesteemed Colin Viebrock. Bear with us while we shake out thebugs that are surely lingering behind this new facade.


Announcing PHP-GTK

[01-Mar-2001]The first release of PHP-GTK is now available. PHP-GTK is a PHP extension thatprovides an object-oriented interface to the GTK+ toolkit and enables you to writeclient-side cross-platform GUI applications. For more information, visit

Patch Level 1 released for PHP 4.0.4

[11-Jan-2001]Due to two security issues found in the Apache module version of PHP 4.0, PHP 4.0.4pl1has been released. This bug-fix release also fixes a few party-crashing bugs thatwere discovered in PHP 4.0.4.

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