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PHP 5.1.1 Released

[28-Nov-2005]The PHP Development Team would like to announce the immediate release of PHP 5.1.1.
This is a regression correction release aimed at addressing several issues introduced by PHP 5.1.0, the core changes as follows:

  • Native date class is withdrawn to prevent namespace conflict with PEAR's date package.
  • Fixed fatal parse error when the last line of the script is a PHP comment.
  • eval() hangs when the code being evaluated ends with a comment.
  • Usage of \{$var} in PHP 5.1.0 resulted in the output of {$var} instead of the $var variable's value enclosed in {}.
  • Fixed inconsistency in the format of PHP_AUTH_DIGEST between Apache 1 and 2 sapis.
  • Improved safe_mode/open_basedir checks inside the cURL extension.
The complete details about all of the changes can be found in thePHP 5 ChangeLog.

PHP 5.1.0 Released

[24-Nov-2005]The PHP development team is proud to announce the release of PHP 5.1.0.
Some of the key features of PHP 5.1.0 include:

  • A complete rewrite of date handling code, with improved timezone support.
  • Significant performance improvements compared to PHP 5.0.X.
  • PDO extension is now enabled by default.
  • Over 30 new functions in various extensions and built-in functionality.
  • Bundled libraries, PCRE and SQLite upgraded to latest versions.
  • Over 400 various bug fixes.
  • PEAR upgraded to version 1.4.5
In addition to new features, this release includes a number of importantsecurity fixes and we recommend that all users of PHP 5.0 and earlyadopters of PHP 5.1 betas upgrade to this release as soon as possible.The complete details about all of the changes can be found in thePHP 5 ChangeLog and anupgrading guide is available as well.

PHP 4.4.1 Released

[31-Oct-2005]PHP 4.4.1 is now available for download.This version is a maintenance release, that contains numerous bug fixes,including a number of security fixes related to the overwriting of the GLOBALSarray. All users of PHP 4.3 and 4.4 are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

The full list of changes in PHP 4.4.1 is available in thePHP 4 ChangeLog.

Forum PHP

Forum PHP in Paris, November 9 & 10th, 2005

[05-Oct-2005]The French AFUP associationis proud to announce the fourth annual PHP meeting in Paris,on November 9th and 10th, 2005. Developers and managers willgather to meet Rasmus Lerdorf, Wez Furlong and other prominent community expertsfor two days of sessions, packed withenterprise solutions and advanced techniques(in French).

Zend/PHP Conference & Expo

Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2005 Program Announced

[20-Sep-2005]The final program for the Zend / PHP Conference (October 18-21, 2005 inSan Francisco) is now available.The conference theme is "Power YourBusiness With PHP" and features keynote addresses from Marc Andreessen,Google VP Adam Bosworth, and executives from IBM, Oracle & Intel.Featured speakers include Michael Radwin of Yahoo!, Adam Trachtenbergof eBay, Joyce Park of, George Schlossnagle & Wez Furlongof OmniTI, and, of course, Zeev Suraski & Andi Gutmans.

In addition to keynotes and sessions, the conference also features tutorials,certification, a party continuing the celebration of the 10th Anniversary ofPHP, and an exhibit hall including companies like Zend, IBM, Oracle,Intel, MySQL, Microsoft, eBay/PayPal, Emic Networks, ActiveGrid, ActiveStateand SpikeSource. Registration discounts are still available.

Get Your Pocket PHP Reference and Help Hurricane Relief

[08-Sep-2005]php|architect has announced the publication ofphp|architect's PocketPHP Reference, a handy guide to every function in PHP, inclusiveof syntax, extension and description. It's a perfect companionfor all your coding work, perfect for looking up function syntaxin a pinch, and its convenient pocket size (5x8") makes itunobtrusive and easy to transport.

What's more, however, buying this book will help those affectedby the recent hurricane disaster: all profits from the sale ofthe Pocket Guide will be donated entirely to the Canadian RedCross' Katrina Relief Fund.

PHP 5.0.5 Released

[06-Sep-2005]PHP 5.0.5 is now available for download.This version is a maintenance release, that contains numerous bug fixes, includingsecurity fixes to vulnerabilities found in the XMLRPC package. All users of PHP5.0 are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

The full list of changes in PHP 5.0.5 is available in thePHP 5 ChangeLog.

International PHP Conference 2005

International PHP Conference 2005 - Program available

[12-Aug-2005]The program for the International PHPConference is now available. The conference that was one of the firstevents on PHP will take place again in Frankfurt from November 6-9, 2005and offers two days with pre conference tutorials as well as two dayspacked with sessions from well known speakers such as Derick Rethans,Zak Greant, Ilia Alshanetsky and many more.

A new feature has been added to this year's conference: the Management Daywhere project managers and consultants shine the light on using PHP inenterprise-level projects. Conference attendees, including softwarearchitects, PHP developers, project leaders, and programmers can gainstrategic information on how to realize their IT projects on-time,in-budget. The Management Day is free of charge for attendeesregistering prior to September 30, 2005.

Early Bird Special discounts are available as well until this date, andspecial discounts for students and private persons.

php|works and web|works 2005

web|works and php|works 2005 Program Online

[16-Jul-2005]The full program ofphp/web|works 2005, a three-dayconference on PHP and web technologies is available. The event will takeplace in Toronto, Canada, the birthplace of PHP, between September 14 andSeptember 16. This year's speakers include Rasmus Lerdorf, DerickRethans, Wez Furlong, Ilia Alshanetsky and many more.

An early-bird specialdiscount is in effect until August 1st, and special pricing isavailable for students, member of academia and non-profit organizations.

PHP 4.4.0 Released

[11-Jul-2005]The PHP Development Team would like to announce the immediate release of PHP 4.4.0. This is a maintenance release that addresses a serious memory corruptionproblem within PHP concerning references. If references were used in a wrongway, PHP could create memory corruptions which would not always surface orbe visible. The increased middle digit was required because the fix thatcorrected the problem with references changed PHP's internal API, breakingbinary compatibility with the PHP 4.3.* series. PHP 4.4.0 does not haveany new features, and is solely a bugfix release; however, it is stronglyrecommended that you read the more detailed release announcementavailable here prior to upgrading yourPHP 4 installation.

For changes in PHP 4.4.0 since PHP 4.3.11, please consult thePHP 4 ChangeLog.

PEAR XML_RPC Vulnerability and PHP 4.4.0RC2 release

[01-Jul-2005]An easily exploitable security issue was discovered in PEAR XML_RPC <=1.3.0. We recommend that users of this PEAR class immediately upgrade to thelatest version with:

pear upgrade XML_RPC

The same security problem exists in many other XML RPC implementations,please check if the installed applications that you use might have asimilar problem.

The new PEAR XML_RPC package is also bundled with the second releasecandidation of PHP 4.4.0RC2. Besides this new PEAR package there are twominor issues fixed since PHP 4.4.0RC1. As the improved reference supportin PHP 4.4 might show as notices and warnings in your existingapplications - in cases where PHP formerly just silently ignored thisand often causing memory corruptions - we also recommend to test PHP4.4.0RC2 with your applications. The final release is planned for July11th. PHP 4.4.0RC2 can be found here.

Zend/PHP Conference & Expo

Zend/PHP Conference 2005

[23-Jun-2005]The Zend/PHP Conferenceis taking place at the Hyatt Regency San FranciscoAirport on October 18-21, 2005. The theme of the conference will be"Power Your Business With PHP" and will feature sessions in thefollowing four tracks: The Business Case for PHP; Developing,Deploying and Managing Large-Scale PHP Applications; Integrating PHPwith the Enterprise (including Web Services and XML); and PHPResources: Tools, Libraries and Techniquies. Early registrationdiscounts are available until August 15, 2005.

PHP 10th anniversary cake

10 years since PHP 1.0 was released!

[08-Jun-2005] Ithas been 10 years since Rasmus released the first version of PHP.To everyone that has helped to shape PHP into what it is today; from thepeople developing the core and extensions, documentors, script developers, bugreporters, beta testers, PHP application developers and even just people thatare using PHP--Thank you!

CfP PHP Track - (AUUG) Annual Conference

[20-May-2005]For the first time the AUUG will incorporate a PHP Track as part of itsannual conference in Sydney, Australia. For thistrack we seek tutorials and presentations. Tutorials are on October 16 to 18and presentations on October 19 to 21. For information on how to submita proposal we kindly point you to our CfP which you can find on our website. Thedeadline for proposals is May 27. In case you want more information, emailDerick or Arjen.

PHP West Conferences

PHP West Security Conference in Vancouver, BC

[11-May-2005]Open Source Events is hosting theirsecond conference on June 11th, 2005 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Theconference will focus on PHP and Open Source Security. Featured talkswill be presented by Bruce Perens, Chris Shiflett, Christian Wenz,Tom Robinson and Chris Hubbard.

The conference is a single day – one track event where attendees willreceive a free t-shirt, lunch, and full access to the full day of talkswith the purchaseof their ticket. A number of free prizes will be given away at theclosing ceremonies.

PHP Québec CD ROM 2005

PHP Applications gathering

[20-Apr-2005]The PHP Québec Conference team is looking for the best software developedwith PHP, MySQL and Apache. Each proposalreceivedby April 29th will be reviewed by an experts and members of thePHP Québec community.

The most useful software will be included on the 2005 PHP QuébecConference CDROM along with over 25 hours of conference which where givenby the leaders behind PHP, MySQL and Apache, as well as regional andinternational experts at the 2005 PHP Québec conference.

PHP 5.0.4 and 4.3.11 Released

[31-Mar-2005]The PHP Development Team would like to announce the immediate release of PHP 5.0.4 and 4.3.11. These are maintenance releases that in addition to non-critical bug fixes address several security issues. All Users of PHP are strongly encouraged to upgrade to one of these releases as soon as possible.

For changes in PHP 5.0.4 since PHP 5.0.3, please consult thePHP 5 ChangeLog.For changes in PHP 4.3.11 since PHP 4.3.10, please consult thePHP 4 ChangeLog.

International PHP Conference 2005 Spring Edition

[23-Mar-2005]The International PHPConference 2005 Spring Edition will takeplace from May 2, 2005 to May 4, 2005. The Conference featuresa PowerWorkshop day on May 2 with PHP/MySQL Best Practices,XML/WebServices with PHP 5, Rapid Application Development and aPHP Starter Workshop for Beginners. The main Conference dayswill include sessions on PHP Internals, XML, Databases, Migrationto PHP 5 and others. Early bird discounts are available until April1, 2005.

PHP Québec 2005: PHP - MySQL - Apache

[15-Mar-2005]PHP Québec is proud to present an extended conference in Montréal, Québec,covering the latest innovations in PHP, MySQL and Apache. From March 30thuntil April 1st, major AMP contributors will talk about Security, Web Services,PHP 5 and great achievements with PHP in North America. The 4 tracks are available at the PHP Québec site.

PHP Certification exams by Zend are included with every admission ticket tothe conference. The certification center will also provide MySQL and Linux certification from MySQL AB, LPI and Savoir Faire Linux. The examination centeris open to everyone.

PHP and PEAR at FOSDEM 2005

[23-Feb-2005]This year PHP & PEAR have a devroom at FOSDEM 2005 held in Brussels. OnSunday, 27th of February, several developers will talk about PHP & PEAR.Topics include Xdebug, eZ publish, SimpleTest, Horde and PEAR. A full schedulecan be found on the FOSDEM'ssite.

Along with giving the scheduled talks, the developers will be available duringthe course of the day to chat with. The devroom is also open to all who want aplace to code and/or relax.

We hope to see you there !


[10-Feb-2005]php|architect magazine has introduced php|symphony, anongoing series of online talks given by some of today's leaders in the PHPworld. Each talk in the series features an in-depth discussion on a specifictopic, such as security, enterprise development and so on. Talks are deliveredentirely online using an interactive system compatible with most OSs andbrowsers.

The series will start on February 23rd with a talk by security expert ChrisShiflett titled "Mastering PHP Security".

ApacheCon Europe 2005

[08-Feb-2005]ApacheCon Europewill be held from July 18th to July 22th in Stuttgart, Germany.


PHP Security Consortium

[31-Jan-2005]An international group of PHP experts today announced the official launchof the PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC), agroup whose mission is to promote secure programming practices within thePHP community through education and exposition while maintaining highethical standards.

Members of the PHPSC seek to educate PHP developers about security througha variety of resources, including documentation, tools, and standards. Inaddition to their educational efforts, the PHPSC engages in exploratoryand experimental research in order to develop and promote standards ofbest practice for PHP application development.

O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2005

[27-Jan-2005]Circle August 1-5 on your calendar and join in at the O'ReillyOpen Source Convention in beautiful Portland, Oregon. OSCON 2005will be at the Oregon Convention Center, where there will betutorials, sessions, parties, BOFs, and a huge exhibithall.

Third Hungarian PHP Conference

[17-Jan-2005]The Web Application Development Division of the John von Neumann ComputerSociety is proud to present the ThirdHungarian PHP Conference which will take place in Budapest, on SaturdayMarch 12th, sponsored by several international and local companies.The conference offers an entirely free one day activity with severalpresentations addressing basic and advanced topics as well, mostly inHungarian. This year, the organizers are also happy to welcome DerickRethans and Lukas Smith speaking. Continuing on the success of previousyears, a five+five kilobyte-limited PHP 5 contest has been started todiscover the most talented PHP programmers in the country.



[06-Jan-2005]On the heels of last year's php|cruise, this yearphp|architect magazine hasannounced php|tropics, a5-day conference event that will take place between May 11 and 15, 2005 at theMoon Palace All-inclusive Resort in wonderful Cancun, Mexico.

With sessions and hands-on tutorials held by many leading PHP experts,including Ilia Alshanetsky, Wez Furlong, Derick Rethans, George Schlossnagleand many others, php|tropics is an excellent and inexpensive way to learn lotsabout PHP in a fun-filled and exciting atmosphere. This year, the conferencealso sports "bring your own laptop" tutorials, where the audience is encourageto participate in hands-on exercises throughout the event.

A special early-bird discount is in effect until February 28, and attendeeswho sign up before that date receive a $100 discount. In addition,php|architect will sponsor and cover all examination fees for conferenceattendees interested in trying their hand at the Zend Certification Exam.

Programming Language of 2004

PHP awarded Programming Language of 2004

[05-Jan-2005]PHP has been awarded the ProgrammingLanguage of 2004, according to the TIOBE Programming Community Index.This index uses information collected from the popular search engines, andare based on the world-wide availability of skilled engineers, courses andthird party vendors.

Congratulations to us all!

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