Contributing to PHP

Anybody who programs in PHP can be a contributing member of the communitythat develops and deploys it; the task of deploying PHP, documentation andassociated websites is a never ending one. With every release, or releasecandidate comes a wave of work, which takes a lot of organization andco-ordination.

With the introduction of release managers comes a smoother release process,but help is still needed: testing release candidates, finding and squashingbugs in tests, documentation, and sources.

Four Best Ways to Contribute

  1. Running test suites in RCand release distributions of PHP
  2. Help finding and diagnosing failed tests, seethe phpt documentation
  3. Filing and resolving bug reportsat
  4. Help maintain and or translate documentation filesat Check out ourguide for contributors.

Development of the PHP source

Someone hoping to become involved in the maintenance and development ofthe source should be experienced in all of the areas mentioned above, asthis creates a strong team; everyone knows how every other part of theproject works.

You will also need experience in C programming as PHP is written entirely in C.

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